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Mr. Farmer delivers the goods yet again.

My Takamine is playing, sounding, and looking light years beyond what it was when I brought it to him.

Pete has been maintaining all of Marshall Plan's many guitars for the last 5 years. Whether it's setting intonation,

neck, fret work, electronics, fixing scratches and dings or even building a fiddle from raw materials,

Pete always takes our sad-out-of-tune guitars and doctors them back to tonally balanced happiness. Plus,

we always get way more than what we pay for.

So whenever the seasons change, we'll be bringing our axes to Pete Farmer Guitar Works.


Thank you very much Mr. Farmer,


David Fellows

Marshall Plan



From Rich Burkholder, Guitar Instructor at Guitar Haven, Grand Haven, MI and Singer/Guitarist of Oregon Dreamchild:


After a visit to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, I had an idea that I wanted to customize a Flying V Guitar. I spoke with Pete and we brainstormed some options. I then purchased a Gibson Faded Flying V.


From there, things got pretty crazy. The first issue was to remove the pickguard as it takes up much up the surface area on the guitar. Upon removal, we found that the whole top was routed out for the electronics. Pete built a bubinga block to retrofit into the cavity which sealed the route while allowing the wiring to pass through.


Pete then painted the guitar in a multi layered purple metallic flake. He then commisioned an artist to pinstripe the guitar in purple and black. It was then lacquered many times and sanded and buffed to an amazing shine.


We decided on custom electronics- Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups to offer an amazing tonal pallete of sounds, a Paul Reed Smith Volume Pot, Fender No Load tone control, and a Gold Stetsbar Tremolo. Custom knobs with matching straplocks completed this amazing transformation. I am amazed by the meticulous detail and uncompromising quality work that went into this instrument. I have a large collection of guitars. This is my hands down favorite.


Thanks for the Kicking V,

Rich Burkholder


Accepting testimonials:




Just a quick note to say thanks for the help in getting my Jones on for a sparkle Telecaster. The depth of the flake and the hue of the overall finish is to die for. Also, the commissioned pin striping work was top notch and most tasteful.

All fully worthy of the original 1969 parts that went with it.

Also, I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into the B-25 that's currently on your bench receiving a new bridge!

Brian Gallagher
Bullhonky Deluxe

Pete's done wonders for my Fender P-bass special deluxe. He's put new pickups in for me, worked on it's input jack, cleaned out the pots and kept it in perfect working order. The bass is now comparable in sound and feel to others that are of much higher retail price. It is easy to see through his work that he treats guitar work as an artform as well as a labor of love. Thanks Pete for your hard work and help,

-Jesse Wetterman



"Out of all my years of playing, and my time knowing Pete, little did I know he had some tricks up his sleeves. After going to Pete to get my guitars worked on and set up, that was it! There's no one else I'd go to.

When I come into town, I take my guitars directly to Pete and have him ready them for the next tour. Whether they are Jager soaked, beat, bruised, broken, or simply justified by the road, he'll get it done for ya!
Make sure you get in to see him!

I'd brag about Pete's work all damn day long, but you gotta check it out for yourself / first hand!

Thanks for always keeping me going bro!"

Tony Greve
Pop Evil


Thanks Pete so much for the work on my recently purchased, used Strat plus!

We knew we had a nice guitar to work with but the neck was way out of shape and it had a very unique Floyd Rose tremelo with no visible way of setting the intonation. Pete fearlessly tore into the Strat with glee and redid my saddles and he had never messed with this particular model trem . The intonation was particularly tricky on this trem and Pete made it absolutely stellar.

I am way fussy about that kinda stuff .


We have been friends forever but I was amazed at his work . He made my Strat into a nice comfortable playing instrument .

I absolutely love this guitar now .

I also brought Pete my 10 year old Carvin DC 135 for a major checkup a while back . It was a neglected, yet played hard mess. The bridge saddles were gunked up horrible and the intonation was wacked .Also my nut was shot and needed replacing . Pete took 10 years of ukk outta that axe and made it play like butter.


He put a new nut on it and my 10 year old Carvin was restored !!


Guys like Pete dont just fix guitars they help musicians sound better Thanks once again!

Your friend,

Dave Evans Jr





I thought I'd say that Pete's worked on my guitars for five years plus.

He's repaired bridges, removed and replaced pickups, adjusted intonation and a hunderd other items on my guitars.

I own at this time nine guitars. Every time I buy or sell one he has checked it out for me.

I was in Mexico a while ago and ask some advice on a guitar, which ended up savivg me three hundred dollars, [I think I owe him a beer].

One of the biggest guitar accidents / horror stories I have is, when my dog tip over my brand new Heritage on the fireplace, which put deep and unwanted scratches in the front face.

Pete removed all the scratches by buffing and it looks as if nothing happened, and the dog was spared.

Denny Kooiman

Pete's a master at balancing the art and science of getting a guitar to
look, feel, and sound good. He's worked on several of my guitars, both
electric and acoustic, and I've been always been completely satisfied,
and sometimes amazed at the miracles he's performed. Now, if he could
get me to sing on key..

Bill Ellingboe


Pete Farmer really polished a turd on this one!

Night and day after his work!

Nice to see an ol' pal excell in a craft this cool.

The "bitter" standby guitar, just might become the standard!!!!

Hats off to P.F.G.W.

Jeff Baird

P.S. Vice Grip Rules!



Pete has worked on most of the guitars I have owned including: Gretsch 6120, Gibson Super Jumbo 200, 1982 Fullerton Telecaster, 1962 Stratocaster,  1994 MIM Telecaster w/Hum buckers. He has also taught me a lot about the different aspects of collecting, craftsmanship, & valuation of vintage guitars. He has re set floating bridges, set intonation, corrected pickup issues, verified production dates & serial numbers, etc. Thanks for the great service & all the information Pete!

Best regards,
John Sanger